Ridgeway Courier T&C’s

⚪️ Run dates will be posted on the website and FB page, please check this before booking, bookings made after the closing date will be automatically put onto the next run.

⚪️ All parts of the booking form must be complete including mobile numbers for both parties.

⚪️ All bookings must be paid for in full at time of booking.

⚪️ If you choose to cancel your booking before the run closes you will lose your deposit amount which is £20 per job, if you cancel after the run is planned and slots issued you will lose all your fee, please contact us to extenuating circumstances. 

⚪️ Once booked you will be given your job number, both parties must have this and all animals must be clearly labelled with this number, if you have more than 1 animal they must all be labelled with the job number and also how many animals in total, eg 1 of 2, 2 of 2 etc…

⚪️ Time slots will only be issued after the closing of the run and once the run is fully planned, you will get at least a weeks notice. You are unable to pick your date and time due to the way we work our runs and to limit the amount of time the animals are on the van.

⚪️ If you are unavailable for you delivery/collection slot please contact us ASAP and we will do what we can to change this but please be aware this isn’t always possible. 

⚪️ You must be in from the beginning of your time slots, our drivers cannot wait as we have hundreds of jobs to compete each month. Sometimes are drivers are running early or late they will message you to let you know. If they are early and you are unavailable until your set time slot please inform them and in this case the driver will wait until your allocated time slot.

⚪️ All collections are subject to an animal welfare check before the driver takes on the animal. We reserve the right to refuse transportation of any animal we deem unfit for travel. (If we have arrived and refused to take the animal/animals you will still be charged) 

⚪️ The sellers are responsible for providing the correct and suitable transportation tub/bag. We are happy to advise what’s best if required. 

⚪️ We will courier amphibians and all delicate species but due to there temperamental nature they are not covered for losses in transit. Please be aware of this when booking as we will not accept complaints or claims of loses on such species. If you are at all concerned please ask for more information.